updates 2015: engaged & educated

Together, we engaged & educated the public in support of incarcerated people!

  • We have a NEW blog! with posts from our staff and members.
  • We SHARED on Social Media
    2,100+ Facebook likes | 700+ Twitter followers | we are on Youtube | Pinterest | Instagram. Come find us on social media and learn more about parenting behind bars!
  • We PRESENTED at the 1st annual conference of Students Against Mass Incarceration | Amherst College | UMass | a local church | the Women’s Voices Worldwide event Women Who Misbehave | Civil Liberties & Public Policy Conference.
  • We TRAINED volunteers on reproductive justice, sexual assault in prisons & jails, and the new anti-shackling law.
  • We PUBLISHED articles about our work in The Recorder, The Boston Globe, and Cosmo.
  • We INSPIRED the Birth Justice Project in San Francisco to run a similar Mothers’ Day campaign!