Sisterhood through motherhood

Nothing I have to say can change the exact circumstance you are in right now. I wish there was a way to dismantle the the systems, oppressors and pain that has made this terrible shadow cast over your Mother’s Day, but there isn’t.

I can tell you that I love you. I love you because you are my sister, both in our adversities and impossible strengths as women, and as a mother. I love you because without the strength and bond of women, I wouldn’t be alive. I love you because you are deserving of love and it’s an honor to feel love and support for and with other women and mothers.

I love you because you aren’t broken. Because you are someone good. Because you aren’t the sum of your fucked up parts. None of us are, even if we sometimes slip into the murky dark space of ourselves and worry we aren’t good enough. I am here to remind you that you ARE.

I don’t claim to know the details of your life, or what you need or what will make things safer and calmer for you. But I can promise to check myself and others when judgement peeks out of the shitty darkness of life. I can promise to make sure you are reminded how loved and needed you are. That you are a momma and that doesn’t change because you’re behind those walls and someone else is outside of them.

I hope that on a day that probably feels pretty shitty you are filled with the love, respect and support that you, and all moms deserve.

Bless you and love to you this Mother’s Day,