Mamas Day Across Bars 2017 Campaign


#MamasDayAcrossBars is breaking beyond the bars by celebrating the incredible strength and courage it takes to be a mama behind the wall each day. PBP is collecting messages to share with the mamas in our programs and community. Now we are asking YOU to help us break down the isolation and build community by flooding the jail and all of our social networks with #MamasDayAcrossBars messages.


From now until May 14th!

HOW to participate in our #MamasDayAcrossBars Campaign?

*Tips for writing effective messages:

  • Be concise. Less words are more for reading purposes.
  • Print and make your words large.
  • Use dark ink for your words and colors (if any) for art only.
  • Notice the lighting – we want to see you and your image.

Our Social Media Handles:

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