Fifth Annual Solidarity Supper!

Prison Birth Project Dinner 2017On April 12th, 2017, hundreds will come together at the Prison Birth Project’s 5th Annual Solidarity Supper to celebrate nine years of support, training, and advocacy.

We ask you to join us in helping us make a lasting change in our community for generations to come!

The evening includes mingling with like-minded supporters and PBP members, a delicious dinner, and a handful of speakers from Prison Birth Project and beyond. Please RSVP, seating is limited.

We are hiring!

The Prison Birth Project is hiring for the position of Doula Program Supervisor (DPS) who can work closely within the programs team to provide support for our volunteer doulas and manage the key components of the doula program. Read more

Prison Birth Project Members Speak-

pbp-member-art-hebrews13-3“Without PBP I would not have received proper nutrition and care.”

“I can be a woman and not an inmate.”

“They [PBP] come often and make me feel real.”

“We need support while we are here, so when we get out we can be leaders.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without [my doula]. She helped my family get things we didn’t have for the baby. She coached me during the birth. She gave great love and support to my family and me. Even though I was incarcerated, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the birth… [PBP’s support group] gave me support the whole way through, and it is still giving me support.”

“It doesn’t matter what I did to be in prison… I STILL desire to birth MY baby FREELY and with LOVE. The fact that pregnant women have the RIGHT to be FREE from restraint… and that MY story, my time, energy, and activism helped pass this LAW in a major way!!!” ~Kenzie, PBP member, anti-shackling leader

“The Prison Birth Project is a living model for putting Reproductive Justice into action. I love the way they act out and live the concept of intersectionality and demand the protection of human rights.” ~Loretta Ross, co-founder of the Reproductive Justice movement

Shackling is still a problem in MA-

The Boston Globe editorial page called on the Massachusetts Legislature to pass pending legislation to address this problem:
Screenshot of Boston Globe editorial
“WITH THE LEGISLATURE racing to finish its business before the current session ends, some bills are bound to fall by the wayside — which is where many of them belong. But other pieces of pending legislation shouldn’t get lost in the scramble. In rough order of importance, here’s the Globe’s take on how Massachusetts legislators should set their priorities before going on vacation… · Some Massachusetts correctional facilities have violated a two-year-old law that prohibits them from shackling female prisoners during labor. A new round of proposed anti-shackling legislation would strengthen the statute and help assure compliance.”

Take action to ensure that everyone has a safe, healthy pregnancy and birth experience.

Breaking-Promises-coverOn May 15, 2014, Massachusetts’ anti-shackling law was signed by the governor. Two years later, the rights of pregnant women in prison and jail are being violated.

Read more in our new report-
Breaking Promises: Violations of the Massachusetts Pregnancy Standards & Anti-Shackling Law

Read press coverage of our report: