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I only have my sister for support. My mom left me when I was 16 with my lil' sister to raise. I did a good job cuz she finished school and know she has 3 of her own kids and she takes care of my...

It's out there
far beyond the setting sun
farther yet than I have come
High above the tallest peak
for me. Yes only me to seek.
I want to be content.

I don’t know why life takes the turns that it does, I don’t know what my purpose is and what lesson I’m supposed to be learning. I don’t know what my future holds but I do know that I want to be...

Massachusetts is 20th state to pass Anti Shackling.

WE DID THIS TOGETHER! Massachusetts is the 20th state to pass Anti-Shackling!

After 10 years of this legislation being introduced, success came now because of the leadership of
PBP member, Kenzie, who publicly shared her story of being shackled while in labor. “I thought I was the only one who felt the way I did. But now I’m hearing other women come out with their stories. I feel like maybe I wasn’t the first, but I feel like my story has given other women the courage to share their story in hopes of making change.” -Kenzie Wood

PBP would like to thank our members who have been affected by the use of restraint in labor, who have spent hours looking over and working on language for this bill, offered ideas and input, talked to the media, college classrooms, friends and family or written their stories.